Regenerative immunotherapy

Our immunotherapeutic treatment strategy is based on using the serum enriched with blood cell-derived, anti-inflammatory microvesicles. In comparison with cells, microvesicles penetrate more effectively into inflammatory foci and have a more pronounced anti-inflammatory effect.


  • Osteoarthrosis
  • Joint injury
  • Spine diseases (osteochondrosis, dorsopathy, disc protrusion).

Indications for immunotherapy:

  • • Inefficiency or insufficient effectiveness of standard treatment
  • • Pain syndrome

Contraindications for immunotherapy:

  • Severe anemia
  • Multiple organ failure

Advantages and benefits of regenerative immunotherapy:

  • Low invasiveness of treatment and the absence of serious side effects
  • The availability of multiple combination options with other therapeutic interventions
  • Pronounced amelioration or disappearance of pain
  • Achieving a stable clinical effect in most patients
  • Decreased or discontinued medication
  • Expanding the possibilities of rehabilitation treatment

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